1kw Solar Panel System

1kw Solar Power System – Estimation of Costs and Benefits

A 1kw solar power system should generate around 800 kwh each year based upon location.

A 3 bed house uses around 3000 kwh each year of electricity. It is important to expect intermittent generation because of climate conditions so the National Grid would be needed particularly when your demand is greater. For example when utilizing a dishwasher, washer or electric oven

No allowance has been created for upkeep of the machine

Believed existence from the product is twenty five years however no allowance has been created for that loss of performance because the photovoltaic system ages.

Benefits may decrease or increase based upon the fluctuation individuals local electricity suppliers prices.

A 1kw solar electricity system requires roughly 8 square metres of roof space.

1kw Solar Electricity PV (Photovoltaic) System Cost Analysis

Believed price of System $4000

1kw system creating roughly 800 kwh of electricity per year = $112 (calculated at 14p per kwh – believed worth of best local electricity company tariff)

Enter Tariff (Government Benefit) @ 16c per kwh generated = $128

Exported electricity not used (presently @ 4c per kwh)

Total Annual Benefit $240

Payback Period: 16 years